Sentir Aromatherapy Bar

 Custom Blend and create your own Personal Scent!

Sentir Aromatherapy Bar at Turnstyle Desings
Aromatherapy is an ancient healing art married to 21st century science. Essential oils are nature’s healing elixirs extracted from different parts of fragrant plants. 

Choose from over 130 delicious and evocative essential and perfume oils to create your signature scent. Creating Custom Blends, or blending, is the most sophisticated part of Aromatherapy. It is part information and part creation by both the client and the Aromatherapist.

If you have any questions about these or any of our Natural and Organic products feel free to give a call and speak to our Certified Aromatherapist Frann LaRocca.

Custom Blend

Consultation Fee: $65.
includes 45 minute Private Consultation that includes a personalized fragrance profile and your choice of one of the following:
Perfume or Cologne, Hand & Body Lotion, Body Spritz, Aromatic Room Mist,
Body Wash, Bath Salt, Massage Oil, Diffusing Synergy

Custom Health & Wellness Consultation

Consultation Fee: $125.
A one hour private consultation that includes a personal Health & Wellness Profile.  Therapeutic blends are created based on health concerns, to help alleviate symptoms of current health issues and/or enhance your sense of well being.  Includes customized take home kit with products based on symptoms with a range of different uses and applications.

Wedding Consultation

Consultation Fee:  $145
During this consultation we are going to enhance the experience of your Wedding Day by creating your Signature Wedding Scent.  This scent will evoke the memory of this special day forever.  Both you and your partner will be part of this experience.  This private consultation includes creating your signature scent and your choice of a combination of four of the following products:  Perfume or Cologne, Hand & Body Lotion, Body Spritz, Aromatic Room Mist, Body Wash, Bath Salt, Massage Oil or Diffusing Synergy.  Bridal Party packages and /or Wedding favors may also be designed and created.

You may choose a gift certificate in any amount or pick from the pre-blended Sentir Aromatherapy product line that is created to rejuvenate, nourish and calm the mind, body and soul. Gift Baskets and travel sizes in all products are available.

- Ask about Environmental Fragrancing.
- All Sentir Aromatherapy Products and Custom Blends are created by Aromatherapist & Fragrance Designer Frann LaRocca.